Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Creating an Equal Eutopia

Tensions between races, religions, and classes has turned our world into a living Hell. To stop this problem in its tracks, we must all come together and attack the issue for all corner's. If we follow the guidelines I set forth, in 100 years time the world will be in peace.

Three problems and solutions are as followed:

1) Racial differences. The white man has caused hundreds of problems. Due to them, all races have difficulties with every other race. I have yet to find two races that can consistently get along. We need one uniform race.

2) Economic differences. The Corporate world has been raping average citizens. The rich have been abusing the poor. While they work just as hard as everyone else, they can never get ahead. The poor gets poorer and the rich get richer. We need an equal playing field.

3) Intelligence differences. How can people be equal when automatically people have higher IQ's than others? If I am born with an IQ of 98 and I am trying to get a job, I may get it. However, if one with an IQ 132 is also competing for the job, how is that fair? Just because he was born more intelligent then I was doesn't mean they're more equipped for the job. We need everyone to be of the same intelligence.

A few small changes to society could fix all three of those issues and make the world a more equal place.

Breeders. You may be thinking, "What the hell, breeders?" But I'll explain. We need to no longer let humans breed freely. The poor are simply overpopulating the world. If you cannot support yourself, what makes you think you can support another human being? If we didn't allow the poor the reproduce, we could drastically reduce the number of poor. If one wants a child, they can go to a breeder and prove they are able to support them.

Breeders would be carefully selected, making sure all races were equally represented. Each race would be forced to breed with the others, making nothing but multiracial children. Eventually we would all be the same color leaving no room for racial discrimination or hatred.

The breeders would also be selected based on their IQ's. If a breeder has an IQ of 90, they will be matched with one that has an IQ of 110. Eventually, everyone will have the same, average IQ and an equal chance of succeeding in life.

So I ask everyone, why not?

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