Thursday, March 6, 2008

President George W. Bush for a Third Term!

George W. Bush has been the greatest president in America's history. He is the bravest leader in all of America's history and has brought much praise to America as a country. Whether regarding domestic policies or international treaties, Bush has always had American citizen's best interest at heart. Bush has helped stimulate our economy, ensure our children are educated, and led the people of America through successful wars. Our Presidents immense intellect and impressive reasoning skills have held America together the last 8 years.

George Bush's middle name should definitely be changed to "Moneyman". When Alan Greenspan warned Moneyman of a possible recession in 2001, Moneyman took it upon himself to ensure one of the largest tax cuts in history happened! Without the support of the Secretary of Treasury Paul O'Neill, Bush signed a US$1.35 trillion tax cut program. Since he took office, Bush has managed to raise the national debt to US$3.25 trillion dollars. But why is this so bad? Its not! Since America cares not just for itself but the world abroad, we should be proud that our country is helping to put food on tables of other nations. We borrow all of this money from the other nations, such as China. It is extremely selfish of tiny brained Americas to care of just their own economy. Bush realizes that we are not the only country in the world and we must give out our resources and money to everyone else to make this thing we call a world a better place.

Another great name for George Bush is Einstein. Without a doubt he is one of the most intelligent men in America. In 1968, Bush got his Bachelor's degree from Yale. He later went on to do GREAT on pilot's written aptitude test for the National Guards, scoring in the 25th percentile. In 1970 he applied to the University of Texas Law School, but was rejected only because he came from too prestigious of a family. He later went on to receive his MBA from Harvard and made tons of money working in the oil industry. George Einstein Bush is the kind of man I want teaching my children. His en genius programs, such as No Child Life Behind, make sure that all students have the same opportunity for growth!

Since he took office, Bush has made sure America was safe for all. His War Against Drugs, War on Terrorism, War in Afghanistan, and Iraq War have all been HUGE successes! While we may have lost a few thousand soldiers, we surely have killed a lot of their men, too! Just because we never found weapons of mass destruction doesn't mean America was wrong for going the places we did, it was an honest mistake. Our government wouldn't lie. Don't you all feel more safe knowing our troops are spread all over the world?

So why doesn't Bush deserve a third term? He has done nothing wrong. I say, throw the Constitution out and lets keep push. Hell, lets change his name to Emperor George Moneyman Einstein Bush.

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