Monday, March 3, 2008

Deportation of Non-Voters: Explained

***Prior to posting another satirical Modest Proposal, I will write a post about the previous one explaining the truth behind it. Hopefully everyone understands the point of the first is to draw attention to the subject in a somewhat comical, ludicrous way to show change needs to be made. I appreciate the email's I received, keep them coming! Don't be shy about posting your comments on the blog. Write to me what issues you feel are important and I'll write a Modest Proposal about it. Thanks for reading!***

Seeing as how this was the first post, I received some emails full of disgrace that one could even think up the ideas I presented in the post regarding Deportation of Non-Voters. I'm glad to see we all care about the well being of our fellow Americans, but what about the well being of the country as a whole? We have thousands of people who complain daily about how the government acts, yet a small percentage of them actually vote! What do we have to do to get the American public interested in it's own policies and government? Do we have to begin punishing people if they don't voice their opinions? I hope not.

Americans have one of the greatest rights in the world, the right to vote. I know people often feel as though they can't change anything, but if the whole nation speaks up, Washington must listen. We don't live in a Dictatorship or Anarchy (although some insist we do). We live in a Democracy, the people give the government their power. Our Founding Father's and soldiers of the American Revolution fought for this right, and millions are throwing it down the drain. It's time we speak up and tell our government what we want!

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