Monday, March 3, 2008

The Deportation of Non-Voters

With the 2008 Presidential elections coming this year in a few months, I find it to be a good time to make this modest proposal:

Those who don't vote should be deported from America.

Every citizen in the United States of America has been granted the right to vote by the US Consitution and it's amendments. The apathetic individuals who don't use this right should be promptly removed from the county, permenantly. People who don't vote are not only ignorant and spineless, but also a disgrace to all who fought to gain this right.

Maybe our ignorant citizens who refuse to vote would like to be transfered back in time to the age of Feudalism. They would gladly work on the land of Nobles and work to make the King rich. For sure they would have loved life under Hitler or Mussolini!

We could always just execute them, but that can get expensive if done in a humane way. How about Mexico, we can send them their. They have hard working citizens that would love all America has to offer. I say for every non-voting US citizen we have we should just drop in the ocean and allow one more hard working immigrant.

Why would we want individuals who don't care about their rights and own lives in our country? We trust them to speak their voice to ensure our democracy works. When we deport these individuals, we msut insure they cannot return. Cuba sounds like a good place to me. Since they are opinionless and lack a brain to form their own views with, they will have no problem following what Raul Castro says. Perharps we could set up some trade, our non-voters for their cigars!

America has no need to provide a haven of freedom's to those who don't use them. Does anyone else have suggestions as to where we could send them?


Reg said...

"Every citizen in the United States of America has been granted the right to vote by the US Consitution and it's amendments."

Er, no... True human rights are recognized, or abridged, but they're certainly not "granted", except perhaps by God. Even the "deist" founders knew that. The words "right to vote" didn't show up in the Constitution until the Republican Party wedged them into it with the Fifteenth Amendment under questionable circumstances. (Democrats used to complain loudly about such illegality, but are awfully silent now. And note, I don't have a problem with the [ostensible] purpose of the Fifteenth, just the abuse of constitutional process by anybody.)

And you're wrong about "every citizen". A couple feet away from me is a U.S. citizen who has no vote-- my 2-month-old son. He has a lot of rights which he obviously cannot yet exercise himself. But I can exercise them for him. I can buy land and file lawsuits in his name, not to mention defend his life with a firearm. But I can't cast his vote for him. I think I should be able to, but try to argue with "egalitarians" about that...

Visit my neighborhood sometime. You'll see there are many people too ignorant, and often too stupid, to cast a vote. And they know this. When they sit out an election, they are being responsible. When you suggest they don't, you are not.

Reg said...

Of course, I realize you are publishing satire here. My earlier comment was only meant to question a couple of (widespread, and to my mind inaccurate) assumptions upon which it was built. So if those assumptions were themselves part of the satire, I apologize for jumping to conclusions-- and to say you're deeper than I first thought.

USC Blogger said...

Thanks for the comments, Reg. Some most of the things stated about throughout where to help build the satire and thank you for noticing. You're point about the fact Human Rights are recognized, not granted, its dually noted. No apology needed for your assumptions. Thanks for taking the time to read and post your opinions, it means a lot to me as a new blogger. Hopefully you'll keep up with my new posts and comment about those as well!