Saturday, March 8, 2008

101 Things to do with The Confederate Flag 1-28

The flag of the Confederate States of America is said to be one of the most recognizable symbol of hatred in America. Sadly, thousands still bow down to this flag. In my opinion, as well as the opinion of the masses, those pinheads that praise it should be shipped to Mars. Another thing we could do is ban trailer parks in America, that would force them all to leave! However, those two scenarios are unlikely to happen, so is Part 1 of 101 things we can do with the Confederate Flag:

  1. Use it as toilet paper
  2. Sew a lot together to use as parachutes for the military. Of course, paint them camo first
  3. Burn them
  4. Tear them into lots of particles and use it as confetti
  5. Eat them, maybe they have something in them thats good for us
  6. Use them to make clothing to donate to 3rd World Countries
  7. Use them as trash can liners
  8. Make them into puke bags for airlines to give out
  9. Line landfills with them, perhaps it will cover some of the stench
  10. Give them away as blankets to the poor in other nations
  11. Launch them into space
  12. Attach them to bombs that we drop
  13. Put them in zoos for animals to tear up and use as bedding
  14. Handkerchief anyone?
  15. Put them together to make the worlds largest jump rope
  16. Build a large shield to keep earth from receiving the evil global warming rays!!!
  17. Everyone wear them as capes and pretend to be BATMAN
  18. Turn them into car covers, the colors will fade away soon enough
  19. Everyone wear them as capes and pretend to be SUPERMAN
  20. Build nice tepees for anyone without a house
  21. Turn them into kites... really ugly kites
  22. Poke holes in it.... I don't know why
  23. Make really thin shoes
  24. Make pants and sell them to other countries
  25. Make rope ladders for all the tree forts in the world
  26. Just throw them away
  27. Use them as bed sheets in trashy motels
  28. Turn them into poop scooping bags
Thats all for now! 29-56 will be coming soon so check back!

Email your own to state whether you want yours included on the list or not! If you don't have an email account, leave yours as a comment. Include your name or a URL or however you want me to give you credit!

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Make Money Blogging said...

Being from the UK I don't get a lot of those but I still love the toilet paper one.